A love of good food and a desire to learn how to build websites lead me to create the original UK version of Eat the Seasons in 2004. Due to numerous requests from people in the USA and Canada I have slowly developed this version of the site calibrated to food seasons in North America.

The site is run as a hobby, rather than a commercial venture. We aim to keep ads to a minimum - no flashing banners, no GoogleAds, no promotion of miracle weight-loss solutions or shopping coupon rackets. Running costs are supported thanks to users' donations, Amazon affiliate links and occasional site sponsorship from selected organisations.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for improving the site, please get in touch using the email address in the page footer. Please note that I do not contract pieces of writing or work for inclusion on the site and, whilst I am happy to recommend excellent complementary websites, I do not post reciprocal links. Also, due to an as yet unremedied 'hours in the day' deficit, it may take me some days to respond to emails.